Zoldmali Pazar - Grit


Health Results:
  • HUU-clear (by parentage)

  • HD-A

  • ED-free

  • Free of genetic eye disorders

About Grit

Grit has been a wind of fresh air and training /hunting with her is a true joy. She has tremendous cooperation and a never ending eagerness, learning immensely quickly and exceeding in anything I ask her to do.
She has a superb nose, absolutely excels in the water and an incredibly drive to retrieve. She passed the NA with Prize 1 max score. I knew very early on that she has all the potential in the world. More to come for this young lady...

We dabbled in Agility as well on the side in the summer of 2023 and if time would allow it she would be titled in that field as well.

Work Results:
  • NAVHDA NA Prize 1 - max score

  • AKC Junior Hunter Title