Java had a Date in Wyoming

We traveled 16 hours west to Wyoming - to mate Zoldmali Java

2/12/20241 min read

We had the most fabulous weekend traveling to Wyoming for Java to be mated to Frakk - Zoldmali Duplo - aka Frakk. We are excited to welcome puppies this spring.

More information on the puppies page.

Our drive out west was a long, beautiful and slightly nerve wreaking since the road conditions could have been better...
While driving through Big Horn Sheep Mountain, it quite possible could have been the most beautiful scenery I have witnessed in a long time, but at the same time I questioned my choice in safety. We often traveled no faster then 25mph, met a car maybe only hour and no cell service. The roads where snow packed..

The girls enjoyed exploring the new countryside and we where welcomed by our most gracious hosts Josh. During our visit we had an absolutely fabulous time, great food and beautiful scenery and as a bonus the opportunity to hunt Hons & Chukars in the most beautiful setting.
Our drive home was uneventful since we took the southern route home, getting up at 3 am we arrived safely but tired that evening back home in Iowa.